About Me

Hello I am Robin Randall RN,IAC.

I have been working in the medical field for the past decade.  After my children had grown up and moved out of the house I decided it was time to reenter the work force.  After looking around I decided to work in the medical field because I wanted to help people.  I love helping people and I wanted to improve peoples lives.  So I went to school and became a Certified Nurses Assistant.  I worked at the local hospital in this capacity.  At the same time I began taking courses to become a Registered Nurse.

In 2012 I became a Registered Nurse.  I really love what I do.  I currently work in a 18 bed hospital in a small rural town, while this may seem easy its anything but that.  Since we are a small hospital that serves a large area we have to do everything, there are no specialist.  All the nurses including myself do Emergency room work, med/surgery and OB.  So in a day I might help someone who has been a serious accident, delivery a baby and then assist in a minor surgery.

My Interest in Aroma Therapy

I am a Certified Nurse Aromatherapist. This means that I am nationally certified in the use of essential oils as well as a Registered Nurse.

Why did I pursue this certification? As part of my regular schedule at the hospital I work the night shift several days a week.  After watching many patients struggle with not being able to sleep, due to being in a strange place and also having side effects from medications, I wanted to help them.  I wanted to do so in a way that wasn’t just piling more pills and medications on them, but a way that would naturally help their bodies to relax and be able to sleep.

I have used esseintial oils in my family for years but wondered if they would help the patients at work also.  I began to do research on the subject.  In my search I discovered NAHA, National Aromatherapy, Holistic, Association.  From them I obtained my certification in aroma therapy after completing their intensive training course.

Throughout the duration of the course I came to learn not only about the chemical properties of each oil but that caution is needed with the use of them, especially with pregnant women, infants and small children.  This helped me to appreciate the power of these oils, and the need to have a professional apply them.  One of my favorite parts of the course was the practicum cases.   We were required to do at least 20 of them.  For each case I would do an interview, custom blend an essential oil mix for them and monitor the results.  I really enjoyed this because I got to help my family, friends, and co-workers.  I was very impressed by how these custom blends of essential oils helped them with a wider variety of issues: colitis, ulcers, acne, sleep, stress, muscle aches and more.

I still work at the hospital and love my work there but I began to offer customized aroma therapy solutions to anyone because  I want to help as many people as possible overcome physical, mental and emotional issues safely and naturally.