Balancing Traditional Medicine and Essential Oils

When teaching the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils, I get asked why I use essential oils while working in the medical field.

The short answer is: I started learning about essential oils because I liked the different scents. And they are more reasonably priced, it usually takes only a couple of drops of each essential oil to get the benefit. Whereas medicine can cost up in the $100 per bottle for only a few weeks of treatment. So, it was easy to compare western medicine and natural oils. Essential oils generally smell better😊than medicinal liquids.

Now for the long answer: Western medicine has, and is still, prolonging lives, and increasing the quality of life in patients. But western medicine is kind of a “one pill” fits all. Whereas essential oils can be customized to each individual, their medical problems, and scent preferences. Western Medicine must be this way due to the number of people across all walks of life that are being treated with a wide variety of ailments. So yes, I still believe Western Medicine has a place in caring for ones-self and family. And there are just some diagnoses that cannot be helped with essential oils. 

But the side- effects of medicine can be brutal and that is where Essential Oils come in. They can help fight some of the side-effects of medicines. And in some cases, medicines aren’t needed if essential oils are used properly and safely. For example, Ginger can be used after an operation to help with nausea and vomiting due to the anesthetics or Lavender can help a patient relax in order to sleep more comfortably. Fortunately, Western Medicine is beginning to recognize this also.

So, balance is needed. Neither western medicine or essential oil are a “cure-all”, that so many are looking for.

I truly believe that used together we can have a better quality of life: A Holistic one. That is better for the planet, gets us back to a more natural life that heals and feeds the soul.