Why Choose Customized Aroma Therapy?

Quite simply by getting a customized aroma therapy essential oil blend you can be assured that you are going to get:

  • A product that will treat the exact issue you are dealing with
  • Greatly reduced risk of side effects
  • Correct selection of the best quality and potency oils

The easiest way to put it is the difference from buying clothes from a department store vs a custom made piece of clothes.

Customized Aroma Therapy Targets Your Issue

Many essential oils have a list on them for what they are used for.  So simply choosing essential oils on your own is easy right?  Obviously its much more involved.  Most oils have lists for multiple issues that they can help with.  With this long list which one is the primary use of the oil? Which oils can be mixed safely to create the most effective blend? When several oils treat the same issue which one is the best to use?

By getting a customized blend you don’t have to try to figure out the answers to these questions by trial and error.  I can create an exact match for what you need because of my training and experience you get:

  • The correct oils for treating your issue
  • Use of oils that are compatible with each other, making the blend more effective to treat your issue
  •  Blended in proper portions

So is it expensive? While using me does cost a little more than just buying the oils on their own, using me actually can save you money.  By removing the trial and error you don’t waste money on oils that are ineffective or that you have an adverse reactions to.

Greatly Reduced Risk of Side Effects

Have you ever smelled something and it brought up an unpleasant memory? Do you have an allergy to certain natural and environmental things? Have you ever used a certain generic, store blend but one of the oils used was not right for you?  Really all of these are side effects that can be experienced with aroma therapy.  By getting a customized aroma therapy solution you can greatly reduce the risks of having a unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

My interview process for creating your oil blend lets me:

  • work around your past experiences
  • avoid plants that you are and possibly will be allergic to
  • avoid any oils that will react adversely to medication you are taking
  • work with you personal preferences

Essential oils have both physical and emotional effects on the body.  My customized blends will create an  oil that will help you physically , emotionally and spiritually, without the risks of trial and error on your own.

Correct Selection of Best Quality and Potency Oils

Did you know that the way a plant’s oil is extracted effects the oils potency and quality?  The oils can be obtained from just about every part of the plant; leaves, flowers, bark and resin.  However the source affects the quality potency.

There are many ways that essential oils are distilled:

  • Steam distillation is the most common and is the first of several steps used to obtain further extracts such as the phenyl ethyl alcohol in rose oil.
  • Fractional distillation gathers the oil is several batches not just one big one. Water Distillation is a temperature controlled method, the method prevents the plant material from being damaged.
  • Percolation is kind of like it sounds, the steam goes from the bottom to the top so lower steam and a shorter distillation time.
  • One of the most expensive ways to distill is called Carbon Dioxide Extraction the oils are more aromatic, more like the way the smell in their natural state.

Knowing this information allows me to select the best quality and potency oil for you and your family.